Wednesday, May 23, 2007


By Brad Sutton, Assistant A.D. for Media Relations

I think we’re finally going to make it. The Media Relations Office is relocating to the Loyd Center after years and years in Moody. When I started at SMU back in 2000, rumor had it we might move into Loyd in six months. Maybe they meant six years…

All kidding aside, we’re really excited. The only problem is the move. We spent the end of last week packing everything up (archives and all) and are, for this week, homeless, so to speak. We’re flip-flopping offices with Alumni Relations, so now that we’re out, they’re boxing up & moving in. We just have to wait until they’re out, so we can get in over there. Laptops and high speed internet are amazing. Without them, this week could be lost. And with a media guide deadline approaching, I can’t take that right now! We’re working from home and can do pretty much everything we can in the office.

The new office (and furniture) will be great, but as anyone who’s ever moved knows, the only thing worse than packing is unpacking. Anybody free next week?


Blogger Ted said...

I am going to miss that old place. I was an SID student assistant when we moved into that office and I still pretty much know where everything is in there!

It should be a great move for Brad, Herm, Claire et al. Believe it or not, the office they're leaving is already among the nicer ones out there. Hopefully, the new one will serve them all well.

Now, let's clear out that whole side and get going on the "new" Moody!

8:27 PM  

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