Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Records Section

By Brad Sutton, Asst. A.D./Media Relations

Well it’s finished and posted. The Spring Wrap-Up (with the long-awaited depth chart) is now up on You can see it here.

I thought we looked good in the spring, but it’s always tough to tell when you’re only competing against your own team. That said, if you didn’t get a chance to see the Spring Game, you can watch the highlights below.

The thing that spurred my post today, though, was actually the 2007 Media Guide. I’m creating the records pages now, and let me say, what we did last season was really impressive. This will be the fifth football guide I’ve done on my own and I can safely say that I have had to update more records and top ten lists than ever – BY FAR. Just as impressive is the fact that almost all the updates have been due to the performances of underclassmen (yes, Justin and Emmanuel did account for several). So while spring practice and the spring game were great, it’s those records that have me really excited about the future of SMU Football. I can’t wait until Sept. 3!


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