Friday, March 02, 2007

Spring Ball!

by Brad Sutton, Asst. A.D./Media Relations

Spring football is here. It’s always a great time of year. When August rolls around it’s always like a million degrees outside, making a less-than-pleasant environment for someone to watch practice and “evaluate” the team. Spring practice, on the other hand, is great weather-wise. I absolutely love getting out there to watch our practices.

On the subject of football, a few people have asked me about the spring prospectus. This year, we’re going to do something a little different – a spring wrap-up. That’s what we did at a couple of other schools where I worked and I like it. It also fits with Coach’s wishes. With so many guys competing at spots, any sort of depth chart would have to list four or five guys at some spots and just wouldn’t truly represent where we stand. As much as I’m sure you love to read my writing, I know what most fans want is that depth chart and we just don’t have one set right now. Keep your eyes peeled, though, we’ll get it done early next month.

For now, you can see an updated roster here.


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