Monday, January 29, 2007

Fund Times

by Craig Shaver, Associate A.D./Development

Ok, I’ve been here all of two months and the straw that I am breathing through is beginning to clog. Man this is a great job! I love what I am doing and wouldn’t want it any other way.

I am now about to embark on my first Morgan Campaign Fund Drive. This Fund Drive is put on by the Mustang Club and the proceeds go to benefit the Athletic Department as a whole. Basically, it is used to supplement the Athletic budget. When I started this job, I looked at where we stood in annual money raised within Conference USA. I was very surprised to see that we’re 10th out of 12 Universities within the conference. WOW, I really thought we would have been higher than 10th. We have a big task in front of us, but I really feel that we can crack the top five this year.

We have great people that have volunteered to help us in this year’s Fund Drive and also a great staff that work in the Mustang Club. Let me tell you a little about the Mustang Club team.

First we have Bob Sharp. Bob has been key in putting this whole thing together. He has recruited team captains, created incentives and put all the teams together for the Fund Drive. What you have to realize is that not everyone wants to work a fund drive. Bob has made numerous calls and sent e-mails to current members trying to get them to volunteer this year. Hard work for sure and he has done a great job.

Hayley Shalley is another valued member of the Mustang Club team. Hayley has worked tirelessly on all the logistics of running this whole thing. She has called restaurants, helped plan events and put together calendars to help keep us organized. Couldn’t do this without her. Very hard worker and a tremendous asset to the team.

Last and for sure not least, is Linda Miller. Linda is the one that keeps everything from coming apart at the seams. She handles all the money that comes in and keeps us in good financial shape. Linda is so knowledgeable on our Mustang Club donors that without her, we would no doubt be in trouble.

I am truly privileged to work with such great people that care so much for SMU. With a team like this, we will reach our goals. That’s a quick run down on my team and a little about the Morgan Campaign Fund Drive. I will try and expand on the Fund Drive and what goes into it next time.

I’m out for now. Go and do stuff!


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