Thursday, January 11, 2007


by Richard Sweet

I’m sitting here reflecting on my emotional experience during last night’s game…

Three hours before the game I’m anxious, “will the students show?”… we’ve unleashed a student campaign giving them ownership (and responsibility) of Moody and the Team… by the start of the game I feel better, the bleachers and section AA are almost full… the effort Matt and his staff made working with the fraternities coupled with the other marketing efforts are paying off… they’re ready to “Bring Moody Back!”

At halftime I’m in a stall throwing up (sorry Matt, coaches, and team)… In the first minute of the second half I have the hope of a fan and the desperation of an Associate Athletic Director…half the freshmen rushees are gone… the job at Southwest Airlines was being missed (even when oil was at $70 a barrel)…

Ah, but then the comeback began… maybe it will end in a single-digit loss… an other comeback began, a different comeback - some of the freshmen that left are coming back into Moody…Moody is bringing them back… thank goodness for cell phones… if you attended the game how were you feeling about now?

WOW, we’re up by one! Amazing! Couldn’t have had Jeff Pick write the game script any better…we’re going to win! Hit it Derrick!… darn… lost by one.

Now am I depressed or happy? Both… it was a good start to what will be a strategically-thought-out process to “Bring Moody Back.” It was 1.8 seconds from being a great start… we need to get from Good to Great… hmmm… sounds like a good title for a business book… see you at the women’s game on Friday.


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Can't wait to see how you react to the students attendance at football games, Richard. *LOL* And I agree with the previous post: bring back men's track!

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