Friday, February 16, 2007

Chest Bumpin'

by Rhonda Rompola, Head Women's Basketball Coach

One of the things we stress the most within the women’s basketball team is “family.” This is true in our office and, of course, within our team. Team unity is what makes us go, and it’s what we’re all about. I thought I’d share with you a few of the ingredients of this year’s team bonding experiences.

One of our most fun experiences happened on our trip to Cancun just before Christmas. It was a great trip – we won our first game, then lost to the #1 team in the nation, Duke. No shame there. But it’s what happened on the beach that was most memorable. See – our players got a little cocky and challenged the coaches to a game of beach football. Seems they thought they could easily overpower us “oldsters.” But we had a surprise for them and the coaches won! It was a lot of fun for both sides, and definitely a good experience that brought us all closer together.

After a tough four-game losing streak in January, we decided to get the players’ attention with two-a-day practices for two consecutive days, starting at 6 a.m. Unlike the beach football experience where we coaches felt we showed the team a thing or two, this time the team showed the coaches a thing or two. The girls not only showed up, but they showed up bright eyed and ready to go with a “can do” attitude. These were some of the best practices we’ve had all year.

Before Thursday's game, Sharee Shepherd, our resident team cheerleader and spirit raiser, made me promise that if we beat Rice, I’d “chest bump” her after the game. Well, we did, and I did, and this was my first chest bump ever! The team and the coaches all loved it, even though I must admit I had to pull Deneen aside beforehand and ask her exactly how to do it.

You never know what’s going to happen during the season that’s going to draw you together, but something always does. Team unity: it does a body good.


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