Thursday, May 31, 2007

You Say "Goodbye" & I Say "Hello"

by Vicki Hill, Director of the A-LEC

One of the great things about this job is that you don’t have time to reflect on how much you will miss the students who are graduating (that may hit home the first time I don’t see Justin Rogers lining up on defense - well, unless I’m watching the NFL) because you are too busy getting ready for the new ones.

The last couple of weeks have seen a flurry of activity around end-of-term-grades - Who aced almost everything? Whose consistent hard work was recognized and rewarded? Who did better than expected? And, yes, who didn’t do as well as expected?

The A-LEC was also visited last week by two C-USA reps as the first stop on a conference-wide attempt to develop a summary of best practices for academic support services. Their time on campus went well, as they visited with nearly 30 people, including student-athletes, faculty, coaches, and administrators.

But suddenly it’s the new academic year. Yesterday was the first AARO (Academic Advising, Registration & Orientation) for 2007-2008, and the A-LEC was busy. Seven men’s basketball players, two women’s basketball players, one women’s diver and several football players were on campus registering for their summer and fall classes and learning a little about what is in store for them academically. Today they will all be back to check in with us after they attend their first classes. We’ll review tutoring options, set up their regular meeting times with the academic counselors, and enjoy vicariously the genuine excitement that accompanies the whole process of starting college.

Pretty soon you’ll see all of them on fields and courts and in the pool. And we are all so glad they are here.


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