Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Quick Update

by Steve Orsini, Director of Athletics

Just wanted to drop in with a short update on the search - While I can’t go into great detail, I just want to leave you with a couple of notes from the process so far.

We are working to get the best available coach in America and I’m not willing to limit my pool of prospects. As I said at the press conference two weeks ago, we’re looking at a number of different options. We’re going after the best and sometimes that takes time. There is a sense of urgency to this hire, but we’re going to get it right and won’t paint ourselves into a corner by establishing a hard timeline. I entered this process with a plan and am pleased with how it’s being executed and its effectiveness. I am perfectly comfortable with where we are in the process and am confident that we’re on the right track.

Until next time, GO MUSTANGS!


Blogger Unknown said...


I am encouraged by your having a plan and working it.

I think it would be easy to pick up a Texasbased retread or unproven talent for a coach, but I hope we look beyond that. I think SMU can and need to recruit players not just from Texas, but also nationally, and we need a coach and staff that can do that.

The name that keeps coming to mind for me is Rick Neuheisel. Proven recruiter, proven developer of players he has recruited, good game planner, and someone who can build a program. Comes with energy galore.

8:15 AM  
Blogger SMU Fan said...

Gill, Christensen, The guy at North Dakota St that beat Minnesota, Randy Edsall, Neuheisel,or Bowden. We are behind you Steve. Take your time and get a good one.

8:54 AM  
Blogger SMU Fan said...

I just read where Steve Kragthorpe might be interested. He is a proven C-USA winner. Another good candidate.

1:31 PM  
Blogger DavidSMU94 said...

Did you say on Track... speaking of which... when are you bringing back the Men's track team so we can load up on some sprinters who can play running back like Jamaal Charles for Texas, or Wide Reciever like the one's at Florida????

7:10 PM  
Blogger SMU Fan said...

Even though we did not get Kragthorpe, the national attention was great for SMU. It shows that we do not have to resort to getting a coach that is about to be fired for unethical behavior.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Football said...


Bring the best coach "for" SMU right now "to" SMU right now. You're a football guy and you know that a "big name" coach in itself is not the answer. Sure, that would get us some instant press but unless he's the right guy for our current players and our current situation we would be setting ourselves up for failure yet again. We need to win and we need to win now.

A big name coach and some national press is not the recipe for success at SMU. And, as you know, credibility and deserved national recognition only come with victories.

I can't believe the name John Mackovich was mentioned. He certainly isn't the guy for the job. Earl Campbell will tell you that Mackovich wasn't well respected by his core players at Texas and his aloof nature didn't sit well with the UT alumni either. He definitely isn't the guy you want sitting in the living room of a player's home in the middle of small town Texas recruiting on behalf of SMU.

My intention isn't to unfairly pick on Mackovich, but you get my point. There are a lot of John Mackovich scenarios out there.

And, at the same time, let's don't try and outsmart ourselves. It's not the time to gamble on a "no-name" coach who has had success turning around a "no-name" program.

We have the talent right now to win a Conference USA championship. We need a coach that is committed to winning right now. Somebody who is willing to step in and evaluate the program and make only the necessary changes to ensure that our kids have the best opportunity to succeed in the fall of '08. If you hire somebody whose intention it is to rebuild, we will be having this same conversation in a few short years.

Toughness and discipline are at a premium as I see it - particularly on the defensive side of the ball. I would definitley see to it that our new head coach surrounds himself with a very talented staff. That was Bennett's downfall. I know head coaches expect to have full control of hiring their staff, but if I were you I would keep my finger in that pie!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Urlacher Jr. said...

Mr. Orsini,

I don't think that we need a big hot shot as a coach or somebody who nobody knows from an unknown college who is going to re-do the whole program and probably mess us up. We do not have a lot of offensive problems but our defense has been very sloppy and has had no discipline whatsoever. I understood the Texas Tech game but on some of the teams we have played we should have blown them out. Last year we got very far and almost went to a bowl but this year the ship sunk. I love my Mustangs so be careful with your coaching choices.

8:46 PM  
Blogger longtime fan said...


Don't overlook Rick Minter when you do your assessment of candidates. He took the University of Cincinnati from the bottom of C-USA to the top and can do the same for SMU. He has worked under Lou Holtz and Charlie Weis at Notre Dame as defensive coordinator. He is a good recruiter and has developed many players who played in the NFL.

SMU has potential on offense, but the defense needs a lot of coaching and Rick is known nationally for his defensive mind. He is Texas born and raised and he is interested in the SMU job.

He is a hard worker and energetic coach and would be a great ambassador for the college on a national level. He, along with you, could put together a staff that can put SMU back on top where it was in the past.

12:55 PM  
Blogger SMU Fan said...

Whoever our new coach is I hope he hires Ed Orgeron as our recruiting coordinator. One thing coach O can do better than just about anyboby in the country is recruit.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Football said...


Any updates you can provide???

9:56 PM  

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