Friday, October 26, 2007

High School Counselors, Prospects, MustangManiacs Users, Followers, Ponyfans posters, Global Warming Apologists: Listen Up

by Jeff Konya, Associate A.D./Student Services

It’s a long title – I know – but there has been much confusion over the recent NCAA changes relating to initial eligibility standards. I have developed a presentation (included for you here free… and yes, I am that nice of a guy) that details all of these changes. As I said in a previous posting, part of my numerous job responsibilities (this was the justification of my job part of this blog) include providing education materials to interested parties. If you have read this far, you qualify as “interested.” Therefore, you must go though the entire presentation, and you may not pass Go. Or collect $200.

Download Here

On a side note, when are they going to adjust Monopoly to real time dollars?

On a side, side note, I have Direct TV for my personal programming needs, especially because it offers a lot of HD channels. Anyone else wondering when CSTV will broadcast in HD, or create a CSTV HD channel? And yes, this is how I spend my time and money.

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Blogger abezontar said...

While I appreciate the comments, what I think most message board posters want to know is what the school is doing to make us more competitive in recruiting, and what the school is doing to remove any restrictions on who we can recruit compared to our CUSA conference mates.

12:07 PM  
Blogger abezontar said...

When you make the coaching decision, please make sure we also have everything else in place that is necessary for a coach to succeed.

8:18 PM  

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