Friday, February 01, 2008

Excitement Brings Rules?

by Jeff Konya, Assoc. A.D./Compliance & Student Services

First, I would like to start this blog by thanking the participants of the “Guess the Number of Interpretations” contest. The number of 2007 official interpretations was 202 and this figure was documented in several official SMU reports. The contest winner was Steve Stovall with a guess of 165. Said Steve, “I would consider this as the single greatest accomplishment in my life.” O.K. - so I exaggerated Steve’s quote by a large margin, but everyone who participated in the contest got some SMU swag. I was in the giving mood including t shirts, hats, posters, etc.

Second, Coach Jones coming to SMU has sure caused a lot of excitement, and I can personally tell you that working with this new staff has been tremendous. And there is great excitement in SMU football - which has spilled into some SMU boosters wanting to get involved in recruiting or accidentally finding themselves in unique situations. Please click here to view a quick reference piece of all of the questions that have been asked of this office recently. Please keep the questions coming.

Third, with all the construction in the Loyd All Sports building recently, there have been several tests of the emergency broadcast system, that I am quickly losing it. I am sure you can relate. Perhaps, when you are watching your favorite TV show and the sound goes out for that high pitched siren and montage of it being only a test? The alarm goes off here every 10 minutes, so my question is does this qualify for hazard pay?

Anyone think ESPN will be running figure skating between 5 and 9 p.m. on Sunday night?

Last iPod Download- Well, I am still waiting for my replacement; perhaps with this new found hazard pay . . .


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