Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Busy Times

By Steve Orsini, Director of Athletics

I apologize for the recent lapse in blogging, but hopefully everyone can understand that the coaching search is my highest priority right now. I did want to offer a few words, though, about the process.

I know some of you may be frustrated with the lack of news and information out there, but a coaching search is unlike anything else we do. It has always been my experience that these searches are best conducted quietly. Again, I know that may frustrate the message boards, bloggers and even the DMN, but right now I can only focus on getting the best available coach to the Hilltop.

Our timeline is influenced by the high quality of candidates we are pursuing, but as I said last time, I entered this process with a plan. I remain pleased with how it’s being executed and its effectiveness. We’re on the right track.

Thanks again to everyone for their interest. We appreciate your support. Know that we will win at SMU. GO MUSTANGS!


Blogger Brad Ford said...

How about we hire a coach before Spring Practices begin?

3:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has Randy Allen of Highland Park HS been considered? He should be considered, especially before a name like Coker.

11:34 AM  
Blogger 92alum said...

Please do not hire Francionne...
Big names don't work - you need someone who NEEDS SMU - a young person who can relate and build a name for themself through SMU - like maybe Major Applewhite...

6:55 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Um, Steve...we ARE looking for a new football coach still, aren't we?!!

4:34 PM  
Blogger diehard mustang said...

Mr. Orsini,

Your last coaching search update was now close to 3 weeks ago, and it provided almost no useful information to those who even care about SMU football. Would it be possible to enlighten the few fans that support this program about what in the heck is going on with this (by appearances) fiasco of a coaching search?

I am constantly embarrassed by the things that our athletic department/football program--the face of our university to many--manages to goof up. This marathon search is just one more in a long line of embarrassments. It appears from the silence and lack of activity that either no one wants to coach at SMU or that you and the search committee are unsure of yourselves. Either way, SMU, my alma mater, looks like a complete buffoon in the world of college football. Those who know me and my affiliation with SMU football have asked me on numerous occasions why we can't seem to get it together.

At this point in the game, I do not foresee anything close to a decent recruiting class for 2008, and perhaps for 2009. We have also missed out on any quality Junior College transfers by waiting so long to choose a coach. I also wonder what sort of communications and assurances are being given to the few recruits that we have managed to land a verbal commitment from about the state of our program. To me, it is an utter disgrace to still be looking for a new coach 10 weeks after firing our last one. And I am very concerned as usual about the next 4 years of SMU football.

It is not as though quality candidates are not, and have not, been available. Due to your silence, one can only guess, but it appears as though names such as Terry Bowden, Rick Neuheisel, Gary Barnett, Butch Jones, Mike Shula (and the list goes on and on) have been summarily dismissed. Any one of these coaches would have had us in a position to not only shock the college football world had they been hired, but would have also been able to assemble a staff and start recruiting weeks ago.

The national media has apparently given up on or has become indifferent to our quest to find a suitable coach. As usual, SMU fades into oblivion on the national stage. Apparently this feeds into your plan.

But please understand this, Mr. Orsini: There are many, many supporters of SMU who don't appreciate being kept in the dark for so long and made to feel, once again, like idiots for caring about SMU football. SMU has lost many supporters over the last 20 years due to its ineptness in athletics, and I am guessing your handling of this search has caused several more to defect. It certainly has not added any fans.

Three final summary comments: (1) Hire a coach. (2) Embrace SMU athletics/football supporters through dialogue and openness. (3)End the embarrassment that is SMU football...(see no.1 for more info.)

5:52 PM  
Blogger redpony said...

It looks like the coaching search is about as successful as the Mustang football team last fall. Does anyone care that we are losing valuable recruiting time? Also, the "A" list of quality, winning coaches is now almost non-existent. Looks like SMU will continue with it's pathetic sports perfomances.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Brad Ford said...

Well - it appears June Jones got an offer.

If he doesn't take the job, we are screwed unless we act fast. As a result, I am willing to take the job.
1. I have never coached a losing team;
2. I have never had a program placed on probation;
3. I can kiss "Big Money" A'ss with the best of them.

11:04 AM  
Blogger SMU Fan said...

June Jones would be great!

11:14 AM  
Blogger SMU Fan said...

I just read where June Jones is coming to Dallas this weekend! That is great! Could be some exciting times coming back to the hilltop! Way to go for it Steve!

3:38 PM  

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